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I just wanted to update you on a few bits

  • July Appointments 

  • July Vacation

  • Price Increase

  • Survey/Market Research & Vacancies


Do you have 1 minute? I would love if you could fill this in; click here

Its to help with research for a new business I am working on

(It doesnt matter if you are not a HB3 Client anymore!)

Plus if you can share this with anyone relevant that would be amazing!

Cannot WAIT to share with you what I'm doing!


In relation to the new business, I am looking for:

  • Startup business consultant 

  • Marketing/Social Media Manager/Agency

If you are interested or can recommend anyone, please let me know!

July Appointments

While I have a lot of day spaces left, There are not much Evening/Weekend spaces left for the month - so if you do want a peak time please book ASAP!

To see my locations etc for July, please see Click here

To secure your next appointment, please Click here

Cancellation List

If you want an appointments that you cant see online, then please book the next suitable slot and then message me to be added to my cancellation list

Also if you can only do certain times ie after 6pm during the week, please let me know so I can offer you any suitable cancellations!

July Vacation

I am away 24th - 31st July

Please bare this in mind for July appointments


Price Increase

Remi Cachet have a yearly price increate and that is coming into place 1st August.

This year is quite an increase which of course we have seen from lots of places with the extra costs due to Covid/Brexit

If you want hair at the current prices, deposits and orders MUST be done before 1st August

Again - bare in mind I am on holiday 24th - 31st; Whilst I will be taking orders etc while Im away, I will be looking for a bit of notice.

ALSO if items are out of stock and cannot be ordered until August - the new prices will be charged as this is out of my control.

Other suppliers: They have slowly gone up throughout the year and I havent put up my prices for a while.

I have taken this time to revise the prices with the suppliers latest pricing and I will put this in place 1st August as well.

Other Notes

For now, I have kept my fitting/refitting pricing etc the same

Normally most business put this up once a year which goes in line with other increased costs, more experience/skill, general inflation etc. 

I have only ever done 2 price increases in 8 years & I will continue with the current pricing at the moment - please do bare in mind these will go up in the future.

There is the exception of Glue refits which are slightly up - this is due to the price rise in the italian keratin I use.

Click here to see prices from 1st August 

Did you Know

I have a LookFantastic discount code

Use LFTFHB3HAIR for 20% off so many products 

This isnt limited to hair - use it for thousands of products on the site!

My contact info


I am contactable on:

Text/Whatsapp anytime and on the phone between 9am-9pm: 07709 120936


Instagram DM and the Website Contact Form

Word of Mouth is so important and much appreciated, so do feel free to share my contact details with your friends!

Lots of love and look forward to seeing you soon!

Toni x