​HB3 is temporarily closed due to COVID19

Stay home, stay safe and see you ASAP



Since Oct 2019, clients can now request appointments online via the HB3 Hair Bookedin Page (Button at top)

As HB3 Hair does hair mobile, in Brixton & within The N7, this is initially a request; we will then check the location of adjoining appointments and communicate with you regarding it.

No appointment can be booked on the system without partial payment - this ensures fair diary management

While the partial paymen is non-refundable, if you give at least 24 hours notice to moving the appointment, this will carry forward to that appointment.

If you cancel the appointment, no refund will be made and if you give less than 24hours notice to move the appointment, a new booking fee will be required.



As always, I aim to be as flexible and as available as possible for all my current clients.

If you have an event/holiday etc coming up please try to book a few weeks in advance to secure your desired slot (it can always be changed!)


Please do bear with me during busy times - I update Instagram Stories when I’m getting booked up so its worth checking there or the story highlights.



I will aim to keep this as up to date as possible with dates I am out London.

Again – please do check insta Highlight where planned holidays in the near future are added.


**Nothing noted until I reorganise plans once Covid-19 shutdown is lifted**



Since Jun 2018, I have been working within The N7 Collective in Highbury & Islington

Mobile and Home Based appointments still available also! 

I don’t do set days there so the appointments there are as flexible as the Mobile/Home Based appointments

Within the salon, there are lots of services available from other specialists including balayage,  colouring and cutting in between your hair extension appointments.

These are available to book directly on their website - www.then7collective.com - or get in touch with myself; I am happy to speak to the girls on your behalf!



I would love if you would take a few mins to leave me a review on Google!

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I am contactable on:

Text/Whatsapp anytime and on the phone between 9am-9pm: 07709 120936

Email: Toni@hb3.co.uk

Instagram DM and the Website Contact Form

Word of Mouth is so important and much appreciated, so do feel free to share my contact details with your friends!

Lots of love and look forward to seeing you soon!

toni x