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A summary of what Im going to share:

  1. March Appointments

  2. Appointment info for April Onwards

  3. Booking, Pricing & Policies

  4. 20% Discount

  5. Perfume Info

pre lockdown lift appointments

I will be working between now until 1st April as normal

Then from 2nd April - 11th I will not be working (I will be in Scotland ahead of lockdown being lifted)

So if you want a space before the April madness please book in ASAP

WC 29th - This week is SUPER limited as I am only working Mon-Thurs plus have a few girls in already

Appointments for april onwards

April 12th onwards I am working as normal!

WC 12th is 70% full but there are some gaps left

Again I'd recommend that if you want that week to book asap 

12th, 14th, 17th and 22nd are definite salon days. 

Dual Colour/Extension appointments are available upon request within the salon  

(12th,14th and 17th there are no colour apps left!)

13th ,15th, 16th,24th are Battersea Dates

How my diary works:

  • I keep all 7 days a week open initially 

  • Once someone books a Sat or Sun, I block out the other weekend day

  • Once 3 evenings are booked, I block out the rest

  • I dont have set days in locations; i.e If someone asks for say April 27th in Salon and their my first person of the day, that will set my location for the day.

  • If the week is full and there is demand for more slots, I can look to open up more appointments if my personal life/plans allow etc!

Booking,pricing & policies

Booking: If you know what you need/want, the quickest way to secure your space is to book online

Where I book you in, I will send a link to you for 50% payment.

If its unpaid after 24hrs, the appointment will be cancelled and space is open to others.

Pricing: Prices havent changed from suppliers at the moment so prices are the salon!

However salon appointments have an charge on top to cover - see here at the top

Policies: All my policies are here and will be fully implemented during reopening - they ensure my diary and appointments run as smoothly as possible!

20% Off

I'm so excited to be able to share my LookFantastic discount code

Use LFTFHB3HAIR for 20% off so many products 

This isnt limited to hair - use it for hundreds of products on the site!


Perfume info

I started distributing FM Perfume in Nov 2020 

It means I can sell you amazing scents for a low cost!

We have alternatives (not copies!) to designer fragrances you know & love

They are all cruelty free and some are Vegan too!

Let me know if you want to see a fragrance list and I will let you know any special offers I have on at the time too!

Also I have a team who sell with me and if you think you might like to be part of that I would love to have you!

Its free to join (and leave if you dont want to do it anymore)

Your profits are instant plus you earn monthly commission

In the first month you get an extra 20% off 10 x bottles

I give you access to a great support network and amazing training tools

Let me know if you wanna be in my gang!

My contact info


I am contactable on:

Text/Whatsapp anytime and on the phone between 9am-9pm: 07709 120936


Instagram DM and the Website Contact Form

Word of Mouth is so important and much appreciated, so do feel free to share my contact details with your friends!

Lots of love and look forward to seeing you soon!

toni x