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From Oct 2016 - Mar 2017, he scammed, stalked & harrassed me.

He got away with any real punishment in relation to my 5 court cases and managed to

hide away from public shaming.

So I am sharing this to prevent more girls falling victim to this convicted

Domestic Abuser which I am happy is working with girls reaching out asking Qs.

and I dont mind at all if you want to msg me in any way to speak about this.


After his latest prison release 29/4/20, he doesn't have bail/license terms but 

MARAC are monitoring him & if you do fall victim, I recommending reporting to help

yourself and others..

Hes back out on the streets now and it seems he is focusing on scamming bars/pubs

in Braintree (and individuals out of their money too)

This is also usual behaviour for him as he jobless/homeless - when I moved house in 

2017, I found 7 Bar Tab Keys hidden on my wardrobe from him.

If you or someone you know is involved with Robert Keeys (when hes back on the

streets) please get away as soon as possible

You dont need to believe me but please request information under Clare's Law.
You can do this anonymously online (below) , in a station or call 101 

Click here for Claires Law

(Police told me when i first reported him he had 9 other convictions...Im not sure what for

and its must be around 20 now!)

If you want to read on, feel free - this is a summary of what he done to me

Convictions with me

1.       May 2017 – Attacking me in public. Charged with domestic abuse, stalking/harassing,

breaching bail conditions

Pled Not-Guilty initially then changed plea to Guilty before court.

2.       July 2017 – For violence, stalking/harassing and damaging property

Pled Not-Guilty & Found Guilty in court


For the above two, he was fined and spent 12 weeks in jail.

3.       July 2018 - For Breaching restraining order between May 2017-Oct 2017

This was taken to Crown Court where he Pled Not-Guilty, then changed plea to Guilty 1 hour

before court. For this he was fined just under £3k

4.       Feb 2019 - For Breaching restraining order between Nov 2017 – Feb 2018

Pled Not-Guilty, changed plea to Guilty shortly before court.

For this he was fined just under £500

5.       July 2019 - For Breaching restraining order against me in May 2019 and offences

against another girl

Pled Not-Guilty, changed plea to Guilty before court.

For this, he was sentenced to 10 weeks for breaching his restraining order and 12 weeks

for stalking/harassing/other against someone else (22 weeks in total – spent 11 weeks inside)

At the start when I was dealing with the police and charges, he kept breaching bail conditions

so was put on a tag which he still breached. On his tag he broke into my house, drank alcohol,

smoked and then stole my Mac Book.

His mum then collected him from my house and was trying to drive him back to Essex but he jumped out of

the car threatening to jump off London Bridge. 

He was then sectioned by the police but convinced doctors he was sane and released– he is a

complete sociopath yet has the ability to convince authority around him he is sane.

Some things that happened during 5 month relationship

  • Lies from where he was/where he worked to lies aimed to intimidate like saying he used to be in Essex gangs, had a gun and hid bodies at bottom of Thames as part of his extra-curricular diving work

  • Drugs and Drinks almost daily leading to irrational unpredictable behaviour

  • Used my credit cards spending £12.5k – even bought my xmas present on it (did not pay a penny back towards it)

  • Racked up over £1k of Parking Charge Notices on my car which he drove uninsured (which he did not pay)

  • Withheld my car from me 

  • Not leaving my home or showing up in the middle of the night

  • Witnessed volatile relationship with his social worker mother  

  • Punching walls, smashing photo frames etc at his own home

  • Vandalising my home – broke my window and door handle / punching the walls / smashing & breaking his phone creating holes (he did this to his phone to hide lies he was telling)

  • Went through all emails/social media/phone constantly and msgd people from my account

  • Abuse verbally, mental abuse then turned physical when trying to break up

  • Try to provoke me to the point of me snapping– only then was he happy. 

  • Texting Call Girls - Likely meeting up

  • Stole from my purse/bank for drink/drugs

  • Caused me to have stress related anxiety 

  • Aided my business closing due to the stress and debt he put me in



Some things after we broke up

  • Stalked/Harassed me

  • Hacked uber account and ordered £100 of taxi (Whilst on a tag)

  • Hacked all Social Media/emails etc

  • Broke into house and stole laptop and my diary (to see what I had been up to I guess)and on laptop logged into FB.

  • Vandalised my car - every panel was keyed and there were heavy dents (hammer or brick) as well as disgusting inside.

  • Him and his mum refused to return belongings that were at their house

  • Refused to return the money he stole from me (for which I have voice recordings admitting to owning money etc)​


Common Lies he tells

  • He will show you a fake banking app - usually to go with a story of money pending to him. 

  • Someone is always due him a large amount of money - a way to convince you to 'short term' loan him money which you will never get back

  • He owns a house in Essex with his dad – and maybe now another house in London (yet will try to live with you and you will never see these houses!)

  • He is a diver offshore and gets bodies out of Thames

  • He was in the military ( think he was in the Scouts at school!)

  • He works as security in Saudi

  • That I owe him £50k

  • I caused his dad to have a heart attack (if his dad even did have a heart attack, believe it was due to his son and wife being unhinged)

  • And countless other fictional stories that I think he believes himself.



If he was a dog he would be put down. Instead he is free to roam the streets and continue to deceive and abuse hard working unsuspecting women.

His mother, who is dangerously a social worker, has enhanced this monster by bailing him out, excusing his behaviour and asking the women he hurts to further help him. 

AVOID Robert Keeys 


I am aware that Rob took his own life at the end of July 2022.

Thanks to this website, I found out the next day.

While I had already completely moved on with my life a long time ago, I found extra peace knowing he couldn't harm anyone else. The world is now a safer, better place.

Over the years, there have been countless people who have reached out to me because of this page - whether its been because they were personally affected or their friend/neighbour etc was involved with him. 

For those I spoke to - and the many others who would have read this page and not contacted - I am so glad I was able to bring this page to them.

During Aug' 22, a few people have contacted me asking me to now take down this page.

I don't really want to do that.  I don't feel he deserves to have his truth hidden esp. considering he done nothing to repay the damage he done during his tornado existence.

I will however give anyone the chance to pay me to take it down - which I think is more than fair. Feel free to pay and hide his truth from his daughter or this site will remain up indefinitely - either way works for me.

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This is my personal public warning of Robert Kevin Keeys (1988, Stanford-Le-Hope)

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