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hb3 client update

Hi All

I've got a few updates to share with you!

  1. Change to Pre-payments

  2. Change of Hours

  3. Change of Location

  4. Colour Appointments

  5. Booking System Recap (Inc Payment issues)

  6. Batch Bookings

Change to Pre-payments
The system will now take approx 50-60% of pre-payment for the majority of appointments.
The remaining balance will be due in cash or bank transfer at the appointment.
For small appointments i.e. removals, the system still takes the full amount
If you want to use Paypal Finance, drop me a msg once you have booked and I will set this up ahead of your appointment for the remaining balance.
t a bit closer to the future appointments, I will send out a pre-payment link which secures the next appointment fully.

Change of Hours
From April I am changing my hours slightly on a two week cycle which will open up more peak spaces
Week One: I will be working 1 Late Evening and both Sat & Sun (one in Battersea and one in Islington)
Week Two: Working 2-3 Late evenings and Sat/Sun off
And this cycle will repeat.
Occasionally the cycle might change to be one, two, two, one but overall it will be fully balanced and this adds an additional weekend day per month.

Change of Location for Islington
I am now located with a different salon in Islington; House of Serenity - 249 Liverpool Rd, London N1 1LX
There are 3 other colourists plus Kate can join me there too
The salon also has a range of services too - check them out here

Colour Appointments
I am now working closely with Kate who is an amazing colourist with 14yrs experience
She can work with me in Battersea as well as the Islington Salon
Click here for her price list
To arrange a dual colour & extension appointment, please try to plan 4-6 weeks in advance for best availability.

Booking System Recap (Inc Payment issues)

The booking system is live 24/7 for appointments in Battersea and Islington
If you aren't sure what you have done, just ask!

For mobile and Colour appointments, please Whatsapp me

There is a payment issue for some users which is being investigated and hopefully resolved soon. Typically its working on the computer better than the phone.
Where you try to book and the payment doesnt go through, the space is held for 15-30mins - so dont worry if you try again and the space is suddenly gone - just Whatsapp me and I will sort it my side. Apologies in advance for those getting this error!

Batch Bookings 
If you want to secure several future appointments, we can do this
We can lock in your first one the normal way (either book via me or book online and pre-payment is made to confirm) and then I will book in other future appointments from my side.
When we get closer to the future appointment, I will sent a link for pre-payment to confirm it.


Thanks for reading!

Toni x

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