lockdown 2.0

Hi All

Hope you are all feeling okay after the new lockdown was announced. We've done it before but that doesn't mean it going to be easy

We are all in this together and I am here for any hair queries as well as any kind of chats if you need it!




I will be reaching out individually to those who have appointment booked from 5th onwards however I wanted to share that I will remain open for any clients who feel comfortable.


These appointments will be at HB3 Base appointment only so I can control the cleaning inc ventilating the room between appointments etc

Please only book an appointment if you feel comfortable - there is absolutely no pressure at all.

The booking system will remain open so please book a time that suits and I will be in touch with

Covert Appointment info!

Please contact to discuss colour / extensions appointments - I cannot guarantee availability for this nor joint appointments like we normally would in salon however I will try to arrange dual appointments


Our reopening date is 2nd December

If you book an salon appointment for 2nd Dec onwards, please note this will be subject to change depending on the Gov Guidelines

safe removals

For those who are due their maintenance during this time and do want to come for an appointments/cant due to being out of London etc, its so important for the health of your own hair that the extensions are removed.


extra aftercare

If you are due a removal but cannot attend an appointment and also do not want to carry out a home removal then you must be 150% on it with aftercare to reduce the damage this will cause*

While at home, if you live with someone and you are worried about your hair, please have them check in sections

Plus you are welcome to send me a video or pics to check and advise further.

Below is some firm but necessary info

All Techniques 


I know lots of people take the opportunity to leave the hair to dry itself when stuck at home but please DONT

At the very least, dry the roots 100% and then you can leave the ends to dry themselves 

Leaving it wet will encourage matting and for tape you will also affect the stickiness of the tape and they will come out quicker

Individuals Strands

Over time that the bonds will cross over each other as they grow out as they can move more and also they will tangle in the naturally shed trapped hair. It's part of your daily aftercare to separate them and ensure each bond is sitting uniform and untangled and even more important to be vigilant with this as time refit time passes.


Use your fingers to ‘comb’ between the bonds a downward direction. If any hair extensions are stuck together, carefully untangle them

This can be as easy as your fingers from one hand separating between them or using two hands where it’s a bit more caught – pulling the bonds apart to the root.

Do not let them continue to remain caught up as daily the problem will get worse which can result in severe matting which will rip out your natural healthy hair and may cost you more at the next appointment as matting is an additional charge for the extra work involved.

Plus its SORE to remove!


They will TWIST so you need to check EACH ONE individually daily and untwist them.

Otherwise they will twist and twist and twist until your hair snaps off (trust me - personal experience!!)


The area above & below the weave will matt a lot easier after 6+ weeks of fitting

Start to wash in sections - ensure you get all shampoo out of the roots as this will clog more.

Rinse shampoo for approx 3-4 mins per row - take the shower head to really blast the roots too!

Brush and dry in sections.

Be super aware of how the sections are looking and feeling. Plus the sections apart - take a lower section in 1 hand, the one above it in the other and pull gently in opposite directions

* You are still at risk of causing damage to your own hair with overdue removals/refits however the above guide will help to reduce this damage during these times


Any Qs anytime drop me a call, text, DM or email!

stay safe & see you soon

toni xx