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I started "HB3_FM FRAGRANCE" in Nov 2020 which is selling an amazing range of perfumes

Prices £16.90-26.50

Drop me a msg for a price list.

Below Info

1.Intro to FM

2.Fragrance Types

3.How to Orders

4.Be part of my Team

1.Intro to FM

FM sell a wide range of items. I will be focusing on the fragrances and out of all the fragrance available I will only be advertising 4 & 5* match scents

What does that mean?!

It means that the top and middle scents notes at 4/5* matches to designer perfumes you already know and love.

My list has the FM number beside the scent match which is a great easy way of giving you an idea of what they are going to smell like.


FM buy their fragrance oils from DROM in Germany (some other designers use these oils too)

Then they take them to their factory in Poland to add other ingredients and then bottle them up

FM dont use celeb endorsement, super fancy/trademarked bottles etc so costs are low

Meaning GORGEOUS scents you will love for a lot less

As lets face it you dont wear the bottle so why pay more!

As well as the price list giving a matching scent, I also have samples for 50p each. 

2.Fragrance Types

PURE - This means 20% Perfume Oils 

INTENSE - This means 30% Perfume Oils & lasts longer

ROYAL - This means 20% more expensive Purfume Oils & Fancier bottle/packaging

His, Hers & Unisex available

3.FM Fragrance Orders


Ordering Option 1 

I will be aiming to place an order once a week

Your order will be included in the weekly order only if payment is received ahead of the order 

If a product is out of stock, I will keep an eye on stock updates and order ASAP

Once order is placed, it takes 7 working days to reach me.

After that it can then be collected or I can package and post for you.

Collection from SW8 or items will be send tracked for £4.10 on top

Max 3 bottles per postage bag due to Royal Mail limits 

So if you order 4 bottles, it will be £8 postage and arrive in 2 packages.

Ordering Option 2

I can place an order from the website direct to you 

This postage is £6 and will arrive within 7 Working Days from day it was placed.


For every 50ml bottle you order, I will give you another sample free

For samples without an order no problem - its 50p per sample plus postage where not collecting

4. Be in my Team

If you would like to make some money from FM please let me know

It free to join & leave

Starter kits available but not compulsory

You can sign up as a team member for many reasons

-To buy your own fragrance as cost price

-To sell to a few people for a lil side hustle

-To grow your own team, sell lots and make a lotta money! 

Any Qs do let me know - I can break down the profits you'd make and give you more info! And if you did join me, I have endless amazing training for you!

If you want to dive right in, my sign up link is here: Registration Link

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