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Hair weights​

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and/or length. For best results, your natural hair must be at least 3-5inches long to be suitable for hair extensions and we would recommend you choose an extension length no longer than 50% longer than your own hair.

No damage is caused to your natural hair when extensions are installed with the right weight, maintained and removed correctly.

Half head

This is up to 100 Strands for individual strands, up to 20 Tape Sandwiches and up to around 80g of weave

A half head is only to add volume to your own hair and can add 1-2" of length max. 

full head

This is 150 Strands for individual strands, 30 Tape Sandwiches and around 150g of weave

Standard full head to add length and volume

Extra full head

This is 200 Strands for individual strands, 40 Tape Sandwiches and around 225g of weave

The prices on the website are for the above numbers but where you need little more/less depending on your individual hair thickness and also if you have a blunt cut we can discuss and price accordingly.


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