Too often I hear people say that their hair extensions damaged their hair or they wouldn’t consider them because of the damage it causes.

The purpose of hair extensions is to enhance the hair not damage it.


If you, as the client, and me, as the hair extension technician, follow the below 4 steps NO damage will occur. YAY!



I offer a free hair extensions consultation where we determine if you are suitable for extensions, your requirements and lifestyle and what the best method would be for you. We also do a colour match at this point to get the perfect blend. You will also be advised on aftercare products that you will require, which we are happy to supply for you.


Note: Until we carry out a consultation, I am unable to provide a final price.



After testing endless supplier’s hair and methods, I am proud with the hair choice and brands I can offer you.


The individual method creates a free flowing hairstyle just like your very own natural hair and it lets your scalp breathe there is nothing on your scalp and they lie flat to your head and this will let your hair grow.


Each bond is fitted with a like for like weight (i.e. if the strand is 1g, I take 1g of your hair to attached it to) This creates a weightless feeling over your hair and doesn’t feel as though your hair is overloaded with too much weight.


Aftercare & maintenance

After fitting, all clients are given a demo on how to care for their extensions along with a 2-page aftercare document. You can refer to this at any time throughout the course of your extensions as well as contact myself anytime for further advice.


Maintenance appointments are recommended every 6-8 weeks (1hour)

During this appointment we check over your aftercare routine, scalp and bonds. We readjust all bonds that require it, placing them back in a slightly different area to ensure your own hair isn't strained.

The 2nd Maintenance appointment a full removal and refit is recommended (3hours) Extended at your own risk to 3rd appointment

During this appointment, we remove all the extensions, brush out all naturally shedded hair that is trapped in the extensions and fit them all like a fresh set of extensions, blend and style.

From this appointment the extensions are now placed on different and fresh sections of the hair, preventing stressing the same sections

See below an example of the natural shedding process with extensions in to help better demonstrate and show the importance of maintenance for your hair.


I always recommend you have your extensions removed professionally by me to ensure it is done propely. If hair is not removed by me, I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused.

Removing yourself, or by anyone unqualified can cause damage to the hair (trust me – I lost around 6 inches and 1/2 the thickness of my hair some years ago…!)


And there we have it….4 Steps for us to work together on to ensure you have gorgeous healthy hair!!

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