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About the hair

Below is the info on the different brands HB3 Hair works with.

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This is Indian Remy Hair which is natural ratio. With the correct aftercare, you can get approx 6 months with this hair.


This is Double Drawn Russian/Mongolain Remy Hair that are at least 0.8g in thickness per stand. The hair quality is high and with the correct aftercare, will last up to 12 months. 

Double drawn means all strands as the same length to the ends and overall a fuller finish.

Natural Ratio is most suitable for those with finer hair. We cannot use this type where client has a straight/blunt cut

TAPE offers a quick application, full results and discretion; great for all hair types inc fine hair.

Micro Beads are our much loved method; its chemical free and durable; these are tiny tip size.

Nano Rings offer the smallest bead for a discreet method. The tip retains is shape during refits unlike micros.


Pre-Bonded (glue) are the most hard-wearing method, using Italian keratin. Great for oily hair.

LA weave braidless weave technique combining microbeads and thread.

Naked weave braidless weave technique offering discretion and allowing hair to be tied up

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions


This client favourite brand offers Russian Mongolian hair which lasts over 1 year with the right aftercare. We always recommend using the Remi Cachet aftercare products with this brand. Remi Cachet have a few unique technique that make hair extensions even better!

Ultra Tips are a revolutionary  hair extension system that is not affected by heat or product damage and lies completely flat with the natural flow of the hair “Ultra Flat, Ultra Light, Ultra Coverage”. Most discreet beaded method I've come across! This tip last up to 2 years.

Tape & Twin Tabs as well as offering injection tape (which have hairs covering the top for the most discreet blend), Twin Tabs® combines the speed of Tape Hair with the clean application of rings.

Flat Tip are small pre-bonded extensions using the finest quality human hair fitted with high quality Italian Keratin bonds.

Mini Tips are chemical free and are fitted with mini locks, creating tiny flat bonds so comfortable to wear and discreet so no one would know you have extensions.

Richy Hair Extensions

Diamond Quality European hair; this hair is processed differently maintaining the pigmentation for an amazing quality, feel and blend.

Available in Tape and Pre-Bonded.

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